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New York City 2018

August 28, 2018 | New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Registration & Networking Breakfast

Collect your badge at the registration and head over to the catered breakfast spread to enjoy while you mingle with fellow attendees.

Welcome & Conference Chair Opening Remarks

Abby Sorensen, Conference Chair & Chief Editor of Software Executive magazine, kicks off the morning with opening remarks.

Running Your Software Company With The End In Mind

No matter what stage your software company is at now, there are steps you can take today to improve its value. Whether you are looking to exit this year or 20 years from now, you should run your software business with the end in mind. We didn’t invite an M&A expert to Software Executive Forum to tell you how to build the next unicorn. Instead, you’ll hear practical tips and learn about M&A market trends that will help you run a sustainable, profitable software business that is worthy of an optimal exit when the time comes.

  • Ivan Ruzic, Vice President | Corum Group
Networking Refreshment Break

Head over to the exhibit hall to grab a quick snack while you digest the previous discussion with your peers.

Financing Software Growth the Smart Way

You’ve decided it’s time to floor the gas pedal towards growth, but you don’t have the cash to do it. What’s next? We all know the tech companies making headlines with eight- and nine-figure VC deals don’t represent the majority of software businesses today. A panel of software CEOs and founders will share realistic strategies for financing growth. They’ll give real examples of resource choices they made along the way to achieving success. You need to hear these real-world examples from your peers about how they said ‘no’ to outside money and ‘yes’ to smart growth.

  • Marc Haskelson, President & CEO | Compliancy Group
  • Jay Valentine, President | Software Appliance
  • Erik Matlick, CEO | Bombora
  • Suraj Nekram, Founder & CEO | Inpensa
  • Abby Sorensen, Conference Chair & Chief Editor | Software Executive magazine (Moderator)
Networking Lunch

Lunch is served! Take the hour to fill up (if you haven't already!) and network with exhibitors and peers.

Relying On A Direct Sales Model Will Bankrupt Your Software Company

Did you know 70% of all revenue created by tech companies is generated by or fulfilled through a partner of some kind? That’s because direct sales teams are expensive, and the model can’t reach your entire potential customer base. If you’re only selling software direct, you’re leaving cash on the table. This panel will tackle your questions on resellers, referral partners, distributors, and vendor relationships -- all of which can help get your software in the hands of more customers. We’ll explain how to structure and support various sales channels, and why you need to treat indirect sales partners with the same discipline you apply to your internal sales operation.

  • Butch Langlois, Country Manager North America | Vend
  • Marc Haskelson, President & CEO | Compliancy Group
  • Tom Clancy, CEO | Valiant Technology
  • Paul DeMore, Senior Partner | Force Management
  • Matt Pillar, Executive Editor | Software Executive magazine  (Moderator)
Networking Refreshment Break

There's more delectable eats in the exhibit hall! Don't miss out on the regionally flavored snacks while you mingle with your fellow attendees.

Cutting Through the Customer Success Noise

Creating a Customer Success strategy can’t be done with a few new hires and some fancy titles on business cards and email signatures. A truly effective Customer Success operation is driven by data and has revenue responsibilities. For facility management software company ServiceChannel, a Customer Success meant getting everyone within the business on board in order to better serve its 450+ customers and $5 billion+ spend under management. ServiceChannel’s CEO Tom Buiocchi will sit down for a deep dive Q&A on what he did and how he did it, following up on the feature story in the August issue of Software Executive magazine.

  • Tom Buiocchi, Executive Director and CEO | ServiceChannel
  • Matt Pillar, Executive Editor | Software Executive magazine (Moderator)
3 Ways to Improve Your Software Company's Culture in 30 Minutes

There are some things you just can’t learn in business school. You can’t code your way to a strong workplace culture. We asked 3 software executives to share an in-depth example of something they did that had a dramatic impact on company culture. They’ll each get 10 minutes, then we’ll roll out the bar and hors d'oeuvres so you can share your own war stories and ideas during the last networking hour. Running a successful software business is less stressful if you and your colleagues start work every day in an enjoyable, exciting, supportive environment.

  • Gireesh Sonnad, CEO | Silverline
  • Jess Moy, Head of Culture | Fog Creek Software
  • Emily Disston, VP of People & Culture | BetterCloud
  • Abby Sorensen, Conference Chair & Chief Editor | Software Executive Magazine (Moderator)
Conference Chair Closing Remarks

Abby Sorensen, Conference Chair & Chief Editor of Software Executive magazine, sums up the day's takeaways.

Networking Reception

You're invited to join us for an open bar reception featuring heavy hor d'oeuvres, desserts, and music!

Conference Concludes